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This is a sample of how we might do it, but it will depend on just what needs to go on the page. Some may be more just links to PDFs, or they might have information.

Swinging or Sliding?

In most cases, space will determine the answer to this question. If there is not enough clearance in your bathroom to accommodate a swinging door, sliding is the configuration of choice.

Framed or Frameless?

It used to be that budget was the deciding factor here, and in many cases it still is. However, for some configurations, a framed unit can cost as much as a frameless enclosure because of the increasing cost of metal and/or complexity of the unit.

What is the difference between Framed and Frameless enclosures?

Basically, it is the thickness of glass and the overall look. Framed enclosures typically have 3/16” thick glass that is completely framed by metal – usually an anodized aluminum. This is your basic traditional enclosure. The Semi-framed enclosures use ¼” glass and feature a door that has no metal on the top vertical edge, or the open horizontal edge. All other edges are framed in metal. These doors can have a thru-glass handle to give them a more updated look. Frameless doors use thicker glass, 3/8” & ½”, with solid brass plated hardware. This gives a more open contemporary look and is easier to maintain.

Do Frameless doors leak?

Under normal showering conditions, our Marquis frameless doors are as watertight as any other shower door. They are sealed with silicone where the glass meets a solid surface, and there are a variety of vinyl seals to close any other troublesome gaps. They will not, however, withstand any direct spray.

Are Frameless doors expensive?

Our prices are competitive. You can certainly find cheaper units for sale, but you won’t find a better value. Our Marquis frameless enclosures are all custom ordered to fit your exact specifications and are made with the finest quality products. The actual price depends on your configuration and choices in glass and hardware. The more custom the unit, the higher the price.

Are Frameless doors safe?

Our Marquis Frameless enclosures are as safe as any other door under normal operating conditions. It bears mentioning that under no circumstance should a towelbar be used as a grab bar, nor should you ever hang from the glass.

Can I replace a framed door with a Frameless door without changing my tile?

Yes. There will be holes left in your tile that will need to be filled. The hardware on the new enclosure may or may not cover the holes, but we do our best to hide them. Also, depending on how old the tile is, you should be prepared for the possibility that a few tiles may need to be replaced as they may crack when the old unit is removed.

Can you remove my old shower enclosure?

Yes. There is a fee which will be determined by the type and size of the unit being removed and hauled away.

What is the minimum door size for the Marquis?

As a general rule, the minimum opening is 24” measured from tile to tile.

What is the maximum door size for the Marquis?

The average door sizes these days are 26”-28” wide. For special applications such as barrier free or handicap access, we can install up to a 36” door. Larger doors are possible.

What is the standard height of your Marquis Frameless?

The height of the unit is measured from the top of the shower curb. Standard height is 72”-78”. Max door height is 84”. For steam units above 84”, either a soffit will have to be built to bring down the ceiling height, or a transom will have to be added above the door.

Do you use safety glass in your enclosures?

Absolutely! All shower glass must be tempered. In the event that the glass breaks, it will do so in many small fragments rather than sharp shards, to prevent major injuries.

Where can I see the different options in glass and hardware?

Examples can be seen here on our website, but it is best to see them in person. Our San Carlos showroom has a comprehensive selection of glass and hardware choices.

What is your service area?

We cover the peninsula from San Francisco to San Jose and the coast from Pacifica to Pescadero.

How long does it take to get an in-home estimate?

Typically it will take 2-3 working days for an appointment. It can take up to a week during busy periods, but that is rare.

Do you charge for an in-home estimate?

The estimate is free of charge.

What is the order process?

Following an in-home estimate, we will provide you with a written quote, usually by email, for the work to be done. The estimate will include options to consider. Once you have made the decision to order, we need your signed approval and a deposit to process the order.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, We can take your Mastercard or Visa information over the phone to simplify the process.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Will call orders can take up to a week (or more) depending upon the materials ordered. Installations of most enclosures take 2-3 weeks. Bent glass enclosures can take 6-9 weeks.

Can I save time by ordering my enclosure before the area is ready to be measured?

Every enclosure is Custom Built to insure a proper fit. This requires exact measurements. Once your stone is set, and not until, we can take those measurements onsite, inspect the walls, floors and ceilings to make sure they are plumb and straight. At that time we can make any templates that may be required. Once this is completed, we can order the enclosure.

Will you give me an installation date when I place the order?

Once the ordered materials have been received by our shop, and checked in as acceptable, we will call you to schedule an installation date. This is all part of the lead time discussed above.

How long do I have to wait to use my shower after it is installed?

Please allow 24 hours before touching or using the shower. This will allow the silicone to cure and dry properly.

What is the warranty on your products?

We have a one year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship, and leakage. There is a 3 year warranty on our Marquis hardware, and Diamon-Fusion International offers a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty does not apply to glass breakage.

Do you replace worn parts for free?

Yes, during the warranty period. Beyond the warranty period, there will be a service fee plus the cost of any parts that are replaced.

How can I protect and care for my new enclosure?

We recommend sealing your glass with Diamon-Fusion® to protect it against damaging mineral deposits by sealing the tiny pores found in glass. It is likened to a Teflon coating on your pans. Some maintenance is required but Diamon-Fusion significantly reduces the time you need to spend cleaning your glass. See our Care & Cleaning Recommendations for more details.

My sliding door is hard to open from the inside, is there anything you can do to help?

The towelbar and knob on sliding glass doors have a minimal backplate that allow the doors to bypass. This facilitates ease in cleaning the middle overlap section. If you don’t mind a little extra work in that area, we can install a back to back knob for you. Your doors will no longer bypass.

My glass exploded for no reason!?

Sometimes edge damage or other stresses can weaken the glass and result in delayed breakage, or what seems to be spontaneous breakage. This doesn’t happen often, but can be unsettling when it does. Most often, we have seen this occur in sliding enclosures when trying to adjust the glass on the track. A glass edge will nick the frame and either shatter at impact or at some future date. If at any time you are having difficulty opening or closing the door, or the door is not clearing the adjacent panel or wall, call us for an adjustment.

What is causing my mirror to turn black on the edges?

Black edge happens when water or moisture penetrates the back of the mirror and attacks the silver backing. Good ventilation in your bathing area is a must. Open a window or use the room fan to remove moisture laden air during and after showering. Also, make sure to prevent spray cleaners from running down and sitting at the bottom of your mirror. This is best done by spraying a cloth rather than the mirror itself.

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