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CB stands for Custom Built, and that says it all. Whether it’s shower enclosures, mirrors, glass railings, barn door systems, colorful backsplashes, or other specialty glass, everything we create is custom-built to your design vision and unique site specifications.

Founded in San Carlos in 1986, we’ve been creating and installing custom-built glass for homeowners in the San Francisco Bay area ever since. We built our reputation by introducing frameless showers to the San Francisco Peninsula and have continued to lead and introduce new technology, including the use of curved and laminated glass. The recent addition of a Sun 3D UV LED Digital Printer allows us to print virtually any design – including textured and 3D – on any material, not just glass. This opens up a whole new world of design possibilities never before available, and ours is the only printer of its kind in a glass shop in the Western United States.

Call or visit our showroom and discover how we can make your glass vision a reality.











We can fulfill virtually all your interior and exterior glass needs. While we specialize in top of the line heavy glass frameless shower enclosures, we custom build and install vanity and wall mirrors, railings, table tops, bar shelves, wine rooms, back painted glass, and pretty much anything you can dream up. Our new Sun 3D UV LED Digital Printer allows us to print virtually any design, including textured and 3D, on glass or most any other material, unleashing exciting new interior design possibilities.

Call or visit our showroom and let us help make your design dreams come true.

We service the San Francisco Peninsula, covering an area from San Francisco to San Jose and along the coast from Pacifica to Pescadero, as well as special projects throughout the Greater Bay Area. Call for more information or visit our expansive showroom in San Carlos.

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