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Digital Printing

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Go completely custom by printing any image, pattern, or text you like – even textures – on your glass thanks to our exclusive SUN 625pro XL UV-LED Digital Printer. As the only glass shop in the Western United States with this capability, we can print whatever you can imagine on glass, wood, tiles, plastic, metal, stone, and most other surfaces up to 6” thick. Barn doors, stairs, railings, mirrors, you name it. Now the sky and your imagination truly are the limit!

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Digital Printing

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Turn Your Vision Into a Reality

The SUN 625pro Digital Printer uses durable ink to print on virtually any surface with exceptional photographic quality. You design it, select the printing area, and we take care of the rest. It can print widths up to 64” and is almost unlimited in length. Using UV light to instantly cure the ink, the SUN 625pro can create stunning 3D special effects including textures and simulated embossing. Whether it’s for your glass project or any other design substrate need –interior or exterior – we can bring your wildest ideas to life.

Print on Virtually Anything

Although we initially acquired this machine for glass design, it’s unlimited in its use from 3D logo printing for marketing purposes or for creating specialized panels for home, office and convention applications. You bring us a full file such as a JPG or PDF and we apply it directly onto the surface of your choice. We’ve created textured stained glass for windows, smooth backsplashes flush with color and glass or other substrate partitions with distinct designs.

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