Creative Reflections

CB Showers, in San Carlos CA, sells and installs custom mirrors, glass counter tops, glass table tops and back painted glass.

To round out your interior glass needs, we can supply you with vanity or wall mirrors, glass countertops, table tops, bar shelves and colorful backpainted glass that can be used in various applications such as backsplashes, desk tops & shower walls.

Mirrors, whether over a vanity or covering a complete wall, add light and the illusion of space to any given room. We have beveled oval mirrors that are ready to hang, or we can custom order or cut mirrors to fit your specifications. We can even dress up a mirror by ‘framing’ it with a beveled mirror overlay.

Glass is a wonderfully versatile product. It can be used as a protective covering for a beautiful wood desk or table top. It can also be the table top on a special base or pedestal. In this instance the glass is thick, offered standard clear which has a natural green hue, or crystal clear, and comes with a variety of edges from which to choose.

A recent addition in interior design and to our product line, is colored glass or back painted-glass. Its uses are varied from wall coverings to backsplashes and desktops. The look is sleek and modern with no grout lines, and is easy to clean.

Examples of our mirror and glass designs can be found below. Click on the images to  see a larger version.